First Ally Trustees

First Ally Trustees Limited is poised to be a distinguished and dynamic financial institution in Nigeria, specialising in delivering premier corporate trustee and fiduciary services to a diverse clientele base.

Our primary focus is on providing comprehensive financial services tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer the following key services:

Security & Debenture Trust Services:
Security Trustee: We act in a wide range of transactions, protecting the interests of financiers, investors, and borrowers, among other functions.
Debenture Trust: Our services encompass holding security on behalf of lenders and enforcing security following default.

Note/Bond Trusteeship:
We hold the security and perform administrative functions required for secured and unsecured debt note instruments, corporate and government bonds, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Trustee to Collective Investment Schemes:
Acting as Trustee to Unit Trust Schemes and Managed Funds, we monitor fund managers’ activities for regulatory compliance and investor protection, maintaining custody of scheme assets.

Our commitment is to serve your financial interests and uphold the highest standards of trust and fiduciary responsibility.